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Logo Design & Branding : Startup Package

Logo Design & Branding : Startup Package


  • Custom Logo Design
  • Color Palette Selection
  • Font Recommendations
  • Basic Branding Guidelines
  • 2 Round of Revisions


Elevate your brand’s identity with our comprehensive Basic Branding Package, carefully curated for those embarking on their brand journey. This package empowers you with the essential elements required to establish a captivating and distinctive brand presence. Our expert team of designers and strategists work collaboratively to create a compelling foundation that resonates with your target audience.Package Includes:

  • Custom Logo Design: Crafted to embody your brand’s essence, our logo design captures your vision and values in a memorable icon that reflects your uniqueness.
  • Thoughtfully Selected Color Palette: A harmonious color palette is chosen to evoke emotions aligned with your brand’s personality, ensuring consistency across all touchpoints.
  • Font Recommendations: Expertly chosen fonts that resonate with your brand’s voice and message, enhancing readability and conveying your identity.
  • Basic Branding Guidelines: Lay the groundwork for a cohesive brand identity with essential guidelines for logo usage, color application, and font consistency.


Why Choose the Basic Branding Package:

  • Ideal for startups and small businesses seeking to establish a foundational brand presence.
  • Crafted with precision and creativity by our experienced designers.
  • Tailored to reflect your brand’s ethos, values, and vision.
  • Ensures a consistent visual identity across various platforms.
  • Sets the stage for future growth, expansion, and brand recognition.

Begin your brand journey on the right foot with the Basic Branding Package, setting the stage for a captivating brand presence that stands out and leaves a lasting impression on your audience.


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